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Lumia and Waves Partner to Bring the Deepest Liquidity in DeFi to the Waves Ecosystem

March 15, 2024

Lumia solidifies itself as the omnichain liquidity layer of Web3.

Waves’ builders will be able to leverage the depth and real-time prices of centralized exchange liquidity directly within the upcoming Layer 0 EVM chain as well as on WX.Network, thanks to Lumia’s cutting-edge solution. This partnership ensures that Waves builders have immediate access to competitive pricing and liquidity, eliminating the traditional hurdles of sourcing LPs and setting a new standard for building DeFi applications.

This strategic partnership is a testament to our shared vision of a fluid, ultra-liquid DeFi ecosystem, reinforcing $ORN holders’ benefits as more volume and fees generate through Lumia.

Imagine effortless DeFi development on Waves, enabled by direct access to the deepest liquidity — Lumia makes this possible.

Integrating Lumia’s liquidity layer into dApps significantly enhances capital efficiency by eliminating the need to deposit large amounts of capital in smart contracts. How? By seamlessly integrating CEX order books from major exchanges like Binance, OKX, and KuCoin. This allows DEX users to access a wider range of assets and more competitive prices without the traditional limitations of DEX liquidity, transforming the DeFi experience with unparalleled depth and speed.

This is another stride towards Lumia’s goal of connecting all chains and redefining the entry point to DeFi.