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Orion DAO Votes YES: $ORN to $LUMIA

March 13, 2024

The community has spoken: with close to 90% YES votes and over 20M locked veORN tokens.

In a significant milestone for the community, Orion DAO has passed a pivotal vote to transition the ORN token to LUMIA, marking the next chapter of our ecosystem – one that promises innovation, growth, and enhanced utility for existing and new token holders.

We extend our deepest gratitude to every community member who participated in this historic vote. Your trust and support in our team’s vision to pursue broader and more ambitious goals are invaluable. This outcome not only reaffirms our shared commitment to the project’s future but also empowers us to drive forward with our mission to redefine the entry point to DeFi.

We will soon be sharing more details for our hodler airdrop program that will further reward loyal community members.

The Lumia team wants to assure our community that the potential of Lumia extends far beyond what we have achieved with Orion. The transition enables us to unlock new opportunities for token utility and adoption, ensuring that our holders are integral to, and share in the success of our new ecosystem.

The hodler program is just the beginning of a series of benefits and enhancements we plan to roll out. We encourage our community to stay tuned for these announcements, as we have much more in store for you.

We thank you for your trust, support, and participation in this critical vote.