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March 5, 2024

From $ORN to $LUMIA: A Vote For Progress

Today, we’re excited to share a vision that has been months in the making. Introducing $LUMIA: a token powering the liquidity layer of web3, designed to redefine the entry point to DeFi.

A Vision for the Future of Decentralized Liquidity

Last week, we introduced Lumia as the next-gen financial liquidity infrastructure that seamlessly merges the unmatched liquidity of leading centralized exchanges (CEXs) with the dynamic, decentralized world of DEXs.

For months, we’ve collaborated closely with some of the biggest names in the crypto industry, laying the groundwork for what we believe could significantly enhance our ecosystem’s reach and the utility of our token. Today, we officially introduce the $LUMIA token to you, our valued Orion DAO, as a proposition that promises to elevate our potential to unprecedented heights. We’re not just introducing a new brand; we’re inviting you, our community, to join us in a pivotal decision that could redefine the future of decentralized finance.

Our confidence in Lumia’s potential is unwavering, born from deep market analysis, strategic partnerships, and a clear vision of what DeFi can achieve. As we share this concept with you, we’re seeking your support and input. Together, we can embark on this journey to make Lumia a beacon of innovation, bringing unparalleled accessibility, efficiency, and growth to both our network and our transformed token, transitioning from ORN to LUMIA, in a move we believe will mark a significant milestone in our collective journey.

The Strategic Rationale Behind Lumia

The birth of Lumia is both a strategic and deliberate move to delineate our product offerings from our core infrastructure, ensuring each can thrive with a dedicated focus and identity. This separation into two distinct brands— Orion for our suite of user-facing products and Lumia for the pioneering liquidity network — empowers us to tailor our strategies, marketing, and development efforts more effectively to their respective domains.

This split is not about division but about honing our focus. While some team members will continue to innovate on Orion, enhancing the user experience and broadening our product reach, others will dedicate their expertise to Lumia, striving to establish it as a prominent DeFi ecosystem. This specialization is rooted in a business strategy designed to maximize success, allowing each entity to pursue excellence in its sphere with undivided attention.

Lumia’s Ambitious Mission

Lumia’s mission is clear and groundbreaking: to be the go-to ecosystem not just for dApps and DEXs, but also for CEXs, and any business, whether in web3 or web2, that needs deep, reliable liquidity. This isn’t just an ambitious goal; it’s a game-changer, blending the massive liquidity of top CEXs with the innovation of decentralized exchanges (DEXs) into one powerful, decentralized and efficient network. Imagine a world where Lumia’s liquidity is the backbone of every transaction and trade, making the financial system more open, accessible, and robust than ever.

But Lumia’s vision goes further. It’s about building an ecosystem where everyone wins: a truly decentralized network that rewards everyone who makes it work. Governance Stakers and Liquidity Nodes, the pillars of Lumia, don’t just support the network; they share in its success. Every bit of value Lumia creates goes right back to these contributors through its utility token, making sure that the rewards are fairly distributed among those who fuel the ecosystem.

In this way, LUMIA is setting out to redefine the rules of the game. By ensuring that its utility token is at the heart of value creation and distribution, Lumia is creating a new model where value is not hoarded by a central entity but is spread across its community. Whether it’s a dApp looking for better prices, an exchange or lending platform wanting to broaden its liquidity, or a traditional web2 company stepping into crypto, Lumia offers a decentralized solution that benefits all. Through its broad mission, Lumia is not just aiming for dominance in liquidity provision but is committed to a decentralized future where everyone has a stake in the success of the ecosystem.

Empowering ORN Holders

The introduction of LUMIA opens up a wealth of opportunities for ORN holders, offering enhanced utility (more on that to be announced soon!), broader adoption, and deeper engagement within the DeFi world. The pivotal token swap proposal, from ORN to LUMIA, represents a strategic step towards amplifying network resilience, community growth, bolstering the ecosystem’s robustness, and fostering a culture of collective prosperity. This transition is a thoughtful repositioning designed to maximize the benefits for every single member of our community.

ORN & LUMIA — 2 Projects 1 Token

Holding ORN at this juncture represents a unique opportunity to capitalize on the best of both worlds: the proven success and growth of Orion’s past achievements and the groundbreaking potential of Lumia’s future. By holding & locking ORN now, Governance Stakers are not just betting on a token with a track record of innovation and strategic partnerships but are also positioning themselves at the forefront of Lumia’s ambitious mission to transform DeFi liquidity. This transition leverages Orion’s existing network — built over many years — with the explosive growth potential of a pioneering liquidity infrastructure set to redefine the DeFi landscape.

A Vision and Strategy for Long-Term Growth

As we edge into an exciting future, we propose an increase in token supply to 238,888,888, vested over 20 years, which we believe would be key to securing Lumia’s long-term viability and competitiveness. This strategic move ensures our ecosystem remains innovative and capable of attracting and rewarding the best talent and participants that fuel our growth, especially our crucial Liquidity Nodes.

There is another major reason behind this token supply — that will be revealed soon — which when implemented, will significantly elevate Lumia’s role in DeFi with an entirely new ecosystem with Lumia at its core and the Lumia token as the fuel of it all. While we’re keeping specific details under wrap for now, our community should look forward to a transformative expansion that goes beyond our current decentralized liquidity network. This will open doors to entirely new ways of engaging, securing, and optimizing the DeFi experience. Envision a realm where integrating with a vast array of DeFi verticals is not just feasible but forms the foundational pillar of our expanded ecosystem.

Beyond the creation of our new ecosystem, the token increase will also be critical for rewarding our backbone — the Liquidity Nodes — ensuring that those who contribute to the seamless flow of deCEX liquidity are recognized and rewarded accordingly. Such incentives are vital for maintaining a vibrant and robust network, crucial for our journey towards redefining liquidity in the DeFi landscape.

This initiative is a testament to our dedication to innovation, user experience, and a thriving ecosystem that rewards engagement and creativity. It signals our readiness not just to adapt to the evolving DeFi landscape but to lead it, with Lumia at the forefront of delivering advanced liquidity solutions and an exceptional DeFi platform. Stay tuned for more details; exciting times lie ahead for all of us in the Lumia community.

DAO Vote — Your Role in Shaping the Future

The DAO vote starting today, March 5, 2024 represents a foundational commitment to Orion’s community-driven governance. This pivotal vote offers every Orion community member the opportunity to weigh in on the strategic integration of Lumia and the token swap from ORN to LUMIA, marking a critical juncture in our collective journey towards a decentralized future.

To facilitate a seamless and inclusive voting process, here are the essential details every ORN holder should know:

  • Voting Platform: Utilizing the Orion platform allows us to leverage veORN for voting, ensuring that all community members can participate fairly.
  • Voting Period: The vote will be open for 7 days — from March 5, 2024 to March 12, 2024 — providing ample time for all stakeholders to consider the proposal and make their voices heard.
  • Voting Options: You will decide on the proposed strategic transition to Lumia, which includes enhancing Orion’s ecosystem through a token swap. The question will focus on whether to embrace this new direction for the collective benefit of the protocol and its adoption.
  • Decision Criteria: A simple majority (50%+) will determine the outcome, with each veORN holder’s vote being weighted according to their stake.
  • Token Swap Specifics: Pending community approval, a 1:1 conversion ratio from ORN to LUMIA will be implemented with no vesting period. The token swap window will be open for 12 months, giving everyone ample time to complete the swap at their convenience.
  • Total Supply: It is proposed to increase the total token supply to 238,888,888 LUMIA tokens. This expansion is designed to be vested over a 20-year period. This approach aims to sustainably support the growth and development of the Lumia ecosystem over the long term, ensuring stability and continuous innovation. The goal is to balance the need for new tokens to support ecosystem initiatives while preserving the token’s value for existing and future holders.

This vote underscores our dedication to a governance model that empowers our community, allowing each member to help shape Orion’s future. We believe in the transformative potential of Lumia and its capacity to redefine our ecosystem. However, the decision lies with you, our valued community members. Your participation in this vote is not just a right but a crucial contribution to our path forward. We urge everyone to take part, as together, we embark on this exciting new chapter towards achieving our vision of decentralized liquidity for all.

Governance Evolution: Dual DAO Structures

As we embrace this new phase, the governance structure within our ecosystem will also evolve. The Orion DAO will continue to oversee the suite of Orion products, focusing on user-centric innovation and growth. Simultaneously, the Lumia DAO will be established to govern the liquidity network, including critical aspects like staking and liquidity pools. This specialized governance model is designed to maximize efficiency, foster targeted development, and enhance community engagement across both platforms.

A Glimpse into Our Progress

As we continue unveiling Lumia, our dedication to revolutionizing DeFi liquidity has already manifested through substantial preparatory work. Months of strategic branding and positioning have given Lumia a distinct identity, of which we’re eager to offer a preview at lumia.stream. Our proactive marketing collaborations with leading partners have laid a solid foundation for Lumia’s broad adoption.

Our engagements with centralized exchanges have been fruitful, garnering significant support with commitments to promote Lumia, pending our community’s approval through the DAO vote. Behind the scenes, we’ve secured partnerships with pivotal integration partners, tailoring our technology to align with the needs of the industry’s heavyweights. Legal preparations have been thoroughly conducted to ensure Lumia’s launch is as compliant as it is groundbreaking.


Uniting for the Future: Your Role in Shaping Lumia

As Orion embarks on a transformative journey with Lumia, your engagement and vote in the upcoming DAO decision are paramount. This is an invitation to contribute to a pivotal shift towards a more decentralized financial ecosystem with Lumia at its core. Your insights and participation are vital as we collectively shape the future of decentralized liquidity. Join the conversation on Telegram, share your thoughts, and help us steer this exciting venture towards success. Together, let’s make decentralized finance a tangible reality for the crypto world.

Vote now: trade.orion.xyz/gov-v2/lumia-transition-voting