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New Ex-Binance CBDO: Lumia Team Grows

March 14, 2024

U-Chyung Lim joins Lumia to solidify strategic partnerships and propel us towards unparalleled growth.

Lumia is thrilled to welcome U-Chyung Lim as our new Chief Business Development Officer. U-Chyung brings a wealth of experience in strategic partnerships and ecosystem growth, previously shining in his role at Binance as a Partnership and Account Manager. There, he played a pivotal role in scaling DeFi projects, emphasizing user protection and cross-unit collaborations for enhanced growth.

Lumia is attracting top talent in Web3 that bring their network and expertise to the growing team.

At Lumia, U-Chyung will steer our path through the decentralized digital landscape, focusing on forging strategic partnerships that bolster our position as a leading brand in the blockchain industry. His expertise in value creation and network expansion is set to propel Lumia to new heights, ensuring our partnerships deliver tangible benefits for every stakeholder involved.

Join us in welcoming U-Chyung to the Lumia family, where his vision and leadership will contribute significantly to our next steps.