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Lumia Stream (ORN) and Prom Partner To Bring CEX Liquidity On-Chain

April 16, 2024

Lumia Stream solidifies itself as the omnichain liquidity layer of Web3 with a strategic partnership with Prom.

Prom builders will soon be able to leverage the depth and real-time prices of centralized exchange liquidity directly on-chain, thanks to Lumia Stream’s liquidity layer. This integration will ensure immediate access to the most compelling prices and liquidity in all of crypto, eliminating the traditional hurdles of sourcing LPs and setting a new standard for building DeFi applications on Prom.

Imagine effortless DeFi development on Prom, enabled by direct access to the deepest liquidity — Lumia Stream makes this possible.

Integrating Lumia Stream into chains like Prom provides their dApps with significantly enhanced capital efficiency by eliminating the need to deposit large amounts of capital in smart contracts by seamlessly integrating CEX order books from major exchanges like Binance, OKX, and KuCoin, with others to be added soon. Prom builders will soon be equipped with the tools to expedite their launch strategies and compete more effectively within their market segments.

Prom bridges EVM and non-EVM chains together, much like how Lumia Stream bridges CEX liquidity on-chain.

Prom’s modular ZkEVM Layer 2 enables interoperability across various chains, including both EVM and non-EVM compatible networks, building the bridge between ecosystems. Much like Prom, Lumia Stream also bridges two seemingly incompatible technologies together: centralized liquidity with decentralized access. This strategic partnership is a testament to our shared vision of a fluid, ultra-liquid DeFi ecosystem, reinforcing $ORN holders’ benefits as more volume and fees will be generated through Lumia Stream.

This is another stride towards Lumia Stream’s goal of connecting all chains to the best liquidity in crypto and redefining the entry point to DeFi.