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Lumia Recreates The Entry Point to DeFi for opBNB Builders

March 13, 2024

For the first time ever, Lumia enables all builders on opBNB to now bypass the need to source LPs to build dApps.

Lumia’s ultra-liquid layer is the first to bring Binance liquidity to Binance’s own coveted chain.

OpBNB users can now build DeFi applications using the liquidity depth of Binance exchange – accessing its real-time prices on a high-performance optimistic Layer 2. Lumia’s integration means users can now enjoy the same competitive prices and rapid execution, allowing builders head start and recreating the entry point to DeFi- now on opBNB.

This is one of many upcoming wins as more volume moving through Lumia means more fees and rewards flowing back to $ORN holders.

Imagine building dApps on opBNB without having to source LPs — this is now a reality thanks to Lumia.

Lumia’s mission is to spark every chain with unmatched liquidity because the future of building on opBNB and all of Web3 is not just decentralized; it’s ultra-liquid thanks to Lumia.

We are now transforming DeFi one chain at a time. Stay tuned.