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Lumia (ORN) Bolsters Linea With CEX Liquidity

March 29, 2024

Lumia (ORN) partners with Linea to introduce first-ever centralized exchange (CEX) efficiency to the ecosystem.

For the first time ever, Linea’s growing DeFi ecosystem can now build using the superior liquidity layer in web3 – Lumia. Lumia’s deep liquidity from Binance, OKX, and KuCoin is now decentralized for any dApps that want to build on Linea, marking a significant breakthrough in Linea’s path to exponential growth.

As Lumia pushes forward addressing DeFi’s major issues like fragmented liquidity and the reliance on liquidity providers, our solution now simplifies liquidity acquisition for new and existing projects, making it easier and cheaper for them to secure the necessary value to become competitive within their segment.

Builders on Linea are now bootstrapped with capital efficient liquidity, making their go-to-launch strategy cheaper and easier.

This collaboration follows successful partnerships with 1inch, opBNB, Waves, and DWF Labs, demonstrating the growing market confidence in Lumia’s offerings. Lumia’s $ORN token has maintained a strong performance over the last 90 days, indicating positive market reception to its new collaborative efforts.

We can’t thank our partners enough for their belief in us as we continue unveiling our new ecosystem.