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Lumia’s First Step: Rewarding Our Community

March 6, 2024

As we have much more to reveal in the coming days and weeks, the recent proposal to expand ORN to LUMIA marks a pivotal moment for us and our valued community. This isn’t just about scaling; 0% of LUMIA’s supply expansion goes to the team, where as 100% is designated to be used to propel Lumia forward by rewarding our community and incentivizing usage of our platform.

Central to this vision is our commitment to rewarding both our long-term supporters and new holders who join us for this exciting new journey. Your faith in Lumia’s potential is the driving force behind our expansion plans, and we believe that your support should be met with real rewards.

In anticipation of the potential transition from ORN to LUMIA, we’d like to announce the first initiative that epitomizes our gratitude to our long term supporters. Subject to the successful vote from you, the DAO, we are preparing for a snapshot that will not only celebrate our holders but also offer a glimpse into the rewarding future we envision for our community. This snapshot aims to recognize the dedication of our community, especially our $ORN holders. Different lock period tiers will play a crucial role in our very first initiative after our token swap- a hodler airdrop.

This would be our way of saying thank you, a first step in a series of initiatives aimed at thanking our existing community, as well as incentivizing new communities to join. As we continue to build and expand, your involvement and support remain our most valued asset. Thank you for your undying support, we look forward to the journey down this new road together with you.