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1inch Integrates Lumia for its Millions of Users

March 19, 2024

1inch has successfully integrated Lumia as a liquidity source, bringing superior token prices to millions of users.

Lumia brings liquidity from centralized exchanges (CEXs) directly to DeFi and 1inch users are the first of many to experience better prices. With Lumia, 1inch now offers prices that compete with and even outperform those of centralized exchanges.

Lumia’s novel solution is already enhancing 1inch through its RFQ (Request for Quote), where Lumia operates as a Private Market Maker (PMM). But that’s just the beginning. The integration is expanding to 1inch Fusion, with Lumia set to become a Resolver, further cementing its role in offering unmatched pricing for users. Here are some notables on how Lumia distinguishes itself on the 1inch platform.

Providing 1:1 CEX Liquidity: This means 1inch users trade with the same efficiency and price advantages as on centralized platforms.

Executing Complex Orders Across CEXs: Lumia’s unique ability to amalgamate order books from various CEXs for a single trade ensures the best pricing in DeFi.

Earnings for Liquidity Providers: With the influx of high-quality, CEX-sourced orders, Lumia chain’s liquidity providers receive substantial fees with exceptional capital efficiency.

By tapping into Lumia’s deCEX network, 1inch pioneers a leap in trading dynamics, merging CEX-like efficiency with DeFi’s innovative spirit. Together, Lumia and 1inch are innovators bringing deCEX to the masses.

With more integrations to come, Lumia is bringing superior liquidity to more millions of DeFi users worldwide.